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Here is basic information for the beginning adventurer. This document consists of several sections, and you can click on a section name to jump to that section.

* The Rules of EotL
* Communication Basics
* Adventuring
* Player-Killing
      * Mail
* Channels
* News
* Mini FAQ for Newbies

In some of the following examples, the prompt is represented by:
even though players may have their own customized prompt.

The Rules of EotL

EotL has only two rules.
Rule #1: Have fun.
Rule #2: Don't piss off anyone bigger than you.

Communication Basics

There are several commands that allow you to converse with other players. say is the command you use to speak to everyone in the same room as you. The single quote can be used as a substitute for the say command. You can also color your messages. E.g.

> say What's up?
You say: What's up?
> color say yellow,blue bold
Color set for say.
> 'Any rogues online today?
You say: Any rogues online today?
Reeses says: Yep!

To talk to a single person in private, no matter what room he/she/it is in, you use the tell command.

> tell beckster May I have a privchat?
You tell Beckster: May I have a privchat?
Beckster tells you: Sure thing!

For more more information on communication, please consult help communication.


You gain experience points (exp) by killing "monsters" and solving quests or puzzles. You then spend your exp to raise your stats (strength, intelligence, willpower, constitution, dexterity, and charisma). The higher your stats, the more they cost to raise.

Some of the equipment that you need in your adventuring are weapons and armor. A backpack can be handy for carrying your money as well as other items that you may come across, and it can make your possessions harder to steal. Use the auction channel for bartering and trading with other players.

There are also several guilds that you can join and from which you can earn skills and proficiencies (typically used to aid combat).

Scattered around the game are banks for the safekeeping of your cash and lockers for storing your equipment.

Much of the fun of the game is in exploring areas and general adventuring. However, there are "social" players who don't play for stats and who simply prefer to interact with other players.

Player-Killing (PK)

EotL has few restrictions on player-killing. The only places in which players are protected are pk-free areas (such as the Lounge at the start of the game).

The issue of PK is one that is continually discussed among the EotL community. The Gods/Janitors of EotL have established that EotL will remain a PK mud, but the EotL Administration is looking into ways to discourage random and senseless PK, especially in the case of new players.


You can send mail to any existing player or wizard on the game. On EotL (unlike many muds), the mailer is built into the player body so you don't need to find a Post Office. Intermud Mail is not supported on EotL. See help mail.


Channels are communication lines where players may join and openly chat. Useful lines for the beginning player include newbie, auction, and gossip. If you have a question, ask it first on newbie, e.g.

> channel newbie Hi, where's a good place to kill around here? I'm new.

Generally people are nice about that sort of thing, and sometimes they may even give you weapons, money, or armor. Listen to the auction line to get a feel for the more popular items on the mud and how much things cost. Listen to the gossip line to just get a general feel for how people play on here. A small warning though... People can be extremely hostile for no reason, so take extreme precaution on your etiquette (though that is another story). Type help channel for a brief overview of the channels and how to color them if you have ANSI color. The channel command will give you a list of available channels.


News pages are similar to bulletin boards, except in the format of news pages (like Usenet news). Be sure to read the Player Announcements Page, Player Bug Reports Page, and Player Gossip Page to keep up on all of the latest updates on EotL. Type help news to learn more about the news pages.

Mini FAQ for Newbies

What equipment should I use and where can I get some?
There are several items that you can get for free from the vending machine in the Lounge that can help you get started: a map of Eternal City, a backpack (don't forget to wear it), a Guide to EOTL, and a small dagger.

Where are good areas for newbies to adventure?
There are several newbie areas designed for new players, most of which offer protection from player killers.

How do I raise my stats?
You must go to Anestimos at the Temple of the Ages.

What about guilds and raising skills?
First, you must find a guild and join it. Once you're a member, you can raise skills and proficiencies in various weaponry. Guilds are a must on this mud.

Wow.. those guilds and stuff sound pretty cool. Where can I join them?
The directions to the guilds are well-guarded (well, sort of) by the members of each guild, and it is best to consult the members of the guild directly for information on each one. Be careful in who you ask, as some guilds are very secretive and may not take kindly to strangers. Type who -g to list all the players by their guilds.

Wow... that monster really kicked my tail! I'm hurt! What can I do to speed up healing?
First, get out of the room so the monster can't keep hitting you. Next, type rest to make yourself lie down. This will increase your healing rate, but you cannot move while resting. Also, there are various healing items on the mud that will restore your stamina.

I died! What do I do now?
You can go to Dr. Frankenstein's Body Shop and use the regenerate command to get a new body (with reduced stats). There are a few other places on the mud where players can regenerate as well.

I died from a bug! Is there a way to get my old stats back?
Read the help unkills file if you think you qualify for an unkill.

How to Play file written by Hannah and Knox.
Last updated: 2 Dec 2000

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