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The purpose of this section is to help you learn more about EotL! It doesn't take a rocket scientist to play; in fact, we do not allow anyone with an IQ over 80 to log on. Ok, that's not entirely true, but after playing for a few days you might start to believe it.

* A Brief History: EotL's earliest history, its hardware and software. A slightly more-detailed history can be found in The Mud Connector's March 1998 Mud of the Month article.
* Getting Started: Help for new players: connecting, game play, list of newbie areas
* Help Files: These are the help files that are available from within the game itself (via the help <topic> command)
* Races: A list of available player races, their descriptions, and some artwork
* Guilds: A list of available guilds and specializations
* Cabals: The areas of EotL, divided into different groupings of coding wizards
* Maps: Useful directions (both ASCII and images) to help you get around
* News: Announcements, Mud gatherings, and lots of unimportant things

Please send your comments and questions to: webmaster@eotl.org

Game Info
--> A Brief History
--> Getting Started
--> Help Files
--> Races
--> Guilds
--> Cabals
--> Maps
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