EotL - A Brief History

EotL is one of the original LPMuds!  LP stands for Lars Pensjö, the original developer of the LPMud driver and the LPC language (based on C) used in coding the mud.

EotL History

EotL was initially two separate muds: UCR's Let's See Yours LPmud, which Duncan opened to the public in 1989 at the University of California, Riverside, and The Pitt, which was run by Xurbax and Moonchilde at the University of Pittsburgh. The two muds merged together later that year and was renamed End of the Line. In 1990 the mud was relocated from UCR to Stanford University, where it has been ever since. Despite its location, EotL is not sanctioned by or affiliated with Stanford.

EotL Leadership

The Janitors (a.k.a. Gods) of EotL are Duncan and Zippo. Past Gods include Xurbax, Bainshee, Sledge and Sly.

Hardware and Software

EotL runs on a dedicated Ultrasparc 140 with 128 MB RAM and two gigabytes of local space. The game uses a heavily-modified Amylaar driver. In August 2000, EotL went to the LDMud 3.2.9 driver. (LD = Lars Düening)

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