EotL - Getting Started

So, this MUD business is new to you, and you want to check one of these games out? Or you've played other MUDs (or MOO/MUSH/DIKU/etc.) before and you want a refreshing change? This section should help you get started with your adventuring.

* Connecting: Where and how to telnet to EotL
* Creating a new character: a step-by-step process (coming soon)
* How to Play: Game basics, common commands (mail/channel/news), Newbie mini-FAQ
* Newbie Areas: Some of EotL's newbie-friendly locations
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--> A Brief History
--> Getting Started
------> Connecting
------> How to Play
------> Newbie Areas
--> Help Files
--> Races
--> Guilds
--> Cabals
--> Maps
--> News



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