EotL - Connecting

First of all, you have to be able to telnet from your system. This is easy from a Unix or VMS system. If you're using AOL, you need to download their 16-bit Winsock application (Microsoft's Winsock won't work for you).

Unix users

You can use one of the following commands from your prompt:

    telnet eotl.org 2010
    telnet mud.stanford.edu 2010
    telnet 2010

Alternatively, you can use the popular TinyFugue client by Ken Keys.

VMS users

The commands you can use are:

    telnet/port="2010" eotl.org
    telnet/port="2010" mud.stanford.edu

Windows 95/98 users

Zugg's zMUD is a popular graphical MUD/telnet client for Windows.

Mac users

Rapscallion has a 5-cow rating by Tucows, and seems to be a popular mud client for Mac users.


Or, from your Web browser, you may be able to go directly from here to the End of the Line!

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