EotL Newbie Areas

The most familiar room on EotL is the Lounge. This is the first room a new player sees once a body is completed in the New Player Generation Room. All of the directions to newbie areas on this page are from the Lounge.

Directions should be obvious, i.e. "d" is down, "n" is north, "5n" is north 5 times. Commands in bold should be typed exactly as shown.

EotL Lounge
       Welcome to the End of the Line player lounge. It consists of a spacious room filled with lots of couches and easy chairs in which weary adventurers like yourself can relax. There is a bar to the north, and a circular staircase leads down to that renowned metropolis, Eternal City.

---- Obvious exits are: down, north.
The EotL Player Status Wall.
An old, beat up crusty vending machine.
A random title generator.
A sign: README.

Smurf Village (Cabaltv)
d, 3n, 6e, 3s, e, s
change channel to 1
watch tv
s, 2w

Easy Land (Genious)
d, w, s, read book, 4n

Xmen Beginner's Room (Xmen)
d, s, xmen, n, e

Gnomelands (Miscellany) offline
d, w, s, u

Moetown (Comedy) offline
d, 3w, keep going south

Draconian Homelands (Magic)
Parthan characters are not permitted.
d, e, swim, 2n, w, 8n, nw, ne, nw, w, nw, s, s, d, w, w, gate

Chicken Warrens (Dementia)
You must have str<25 to be inside safely.
Find the door.
2s, 4w, 2n, ne, n, ne, w, ne, n, e, n

Chicken Sewers (Dementia)
You must have str<25 to be inside safely.
Find the door.
2s, 4w, 2s, e, se, 2e, enter grating, e, 3d, 2s, w, s

Entesia's Newbie Areas (Entesia)
d, e, swim, 2n, w

From this point there are three different directions you can take:

Orc Village: n, 14w

Village of the Goblins: n, 9w, nw, n

Goblin Encampment: 8n, u (which takes you into Krynn cabal), cave, use orb, 2e, 2s enter encampment

Bard Castle (Music)
d, 3w, 5s, 4w, 6n

Orcs (Chaos)
d, e, swim, 14e, 3s, e, 4s, w, 2s, s, e, 2s, s, 2sw, 2, nw, n, 3w, 2s

If you have directions to these generally-described areas, please give us your input:
over by africa if you touch the staff there is the dinosaur land and the fruit land with heals

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