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One of the oldest LP Muds in existence — since 1989!

End of the Line, more commonly known as EotL, is a text-based roleplaying game in which you adventure in a myriad of landscapes and realms. You can interact with many other players, many of whom connect from locations such as Hong Kong, Chile, Australia, Canada, Russia, England, and the United States (the San Francisco Bay area in particular).
EotL is part of the LP-family of MUDs, which involves roleplaying and adventuring, and which is primarily combat-oriented (although there are many social players as well).

Game Specs:
* Many races available, from elves to androids to squids
* Many guilds, each with their own set of skills to train in
* No need for character pre-approval
* Internal Mail and News system
* Many chat channels, both public and private
* Ansi color option
* Customizable prompt
      * Unrestricted player-killing
* Equipment storage

Last updated: October 10, 2018
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Quick News

8/7/20: The Warrior specialization of fighters guild was added. Find their headquarters in Entesia.

2/9/17: An Eotl alumni was involved in curating an exhibition on World of Warcraft and mentions the mud as a forerunner along with a screenshot.

1/8/01: Come visit our new recipes section! See the fine delicacies that fuel our players.

10/00: Undeniable proof that Hannibal is 1337.

8/31/00: EotL driver update: LDMud 3.2.9.

EotL was The Mud Connector's March 1998 Mud of the Month!


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