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The inhabitants of the End of the Line fall into these two general categories: mortals and immortals.

Mortals are the heart of the game. They are here to enjoy themselves by either adventuring in a large variety of cities and lands, or by interacting with other players, or both. The popularity of each area is gauged on how many people adventure there.

Immortals (also known as wizards) are the brains of EotL. Wizards create the areas of the game for the players to enjoy--though some wizards say it is for their own enjoyment as well. They also continually discuss new ideas to enhance the EotL experience. Most wizards started out as typical mortal adventurers who learned much about the EotL world, and then decided they wanted to contribute to its expansion.

EotL uses an application process to decide who becomes a new wizard.

Q: How would you describe the typical EotL Player?

<Gossip> Parity: 'without a life' I have no life, and I'm proud. I redefine the rules to say having no life is winning. ;>
(Wiz) Hodge: stupid
(Wiz) Blackjack: unresponsive.
$Money$ Purge: desperate, lonely and petty
<Gossip> Kyojitsu: petty and cruel, in a humorous way
<Gossip> Tyrus: fat pud who never leaves the house whose diet consists of ramen and dew
<Gossip> Parity thinks most EotLers are skinny 'cause caffeine is an appetite suppressant and all.
[Yahoo] Pokey: "Come to EotL, where everyone else is as stupid as you."
Pokey tells you: I would describe them as intelligent people with a weakness for fun. We here at eotl do everything to please our players and keep them coming back time and time again. Try it, just once... You'll be hooked, we promise!
Someguy tells you: i think the game is kind of political, clannish, and clique-ish....if that helps any...maybe say people are group oriented. and definitely only the strong, or well connected survive
<Gossip> Rookie: the typical eotl player is ugly.
<Gossip> Felzin: the popemobile rides at dawn
<Gossip> Tasuki: the typical eotl female is actually a big fat guy named bubba who's in their sixties
<Gossip> Kyojitsu: The typical EotL player did not just go kick a store attendant and take his stuff and car and drive off and accidentally crash and die and lose all the stuff you stole.
<Gossip> Exstock: my description of the typical wiz: stuns the dominant culture by frequently being too lazy to have sex

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