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Intermud Chat

[IM] -EotL- Markus: we're down to 82 right now
[IM] -EotL- Zippo: yeah it varies week to week
[IM] -EotL- Zippo: we have 113 online
[IM] -EotL- Malifax nods nog nog Varies Varies.
[IM] -Realmsmud- James: i thought you got a new machine...sparc 20 or something
[IM] -EotL- Zippo: yup
[IM] -EotL- Markus: we finally moved off the gameboy
[IM] -EotL- Zippo nods nog nog Markus Markus.
[IM] -EotL- Malifax: 'bout time, too.
[IM] -Realmsmud- James: thats good. that joystick was always getting overused..
[IM] -Synergy- Dispater: No comment. *evil grin*
[IM] -EotL- Zippo: yeah and the 'a' button was broke
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