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Teddy bears and Nymphs cannot join this guild, for good reason.

Guild wizard: Markus

Guild Titles
      the tree hugger
the dove-like
loves the world
is a certified member of
      is a master of the sit-in
wouldn't dream of harming even a fly
is the reincarnation of Ghandi

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Pacifism and You: A Primer

Chapter 1: Pacifism in Theory

Pacifism. What is it? Websters describes it as: opposition to war or violence as a means of settling disputes. But is that all there is to pacifism? Does that really say it all? Well, sort of. But not really. There is actually much, much more. And I'm happy to have the opportunity to share some of it with you. Firstly, to understand pacifism, one must first understand love. So what is love, you ask? Well, love is understanding. It is accepting one another for ourselves. But it is more than just that, my friend. It is a feeling of closeness, of oneness, you might say, with someone else, or better yet, with everyone else! Because, yes, love can be universal! Love can unite us! Love can be the answer! But! (And this is a big but...) But you have to let it be the answer. For so many people, love is a crutch. Love is a tool to an end, a way to reach a goal, a rest stop on the highway of their lives. Now, these people have not embraced love. And as such, they cannot feel what a pacifist can feel. They cannot feel what someone who truly understands love, who truly understands what it means to understand, who truly knows love. So that is first. Understanding love. Let it in. Let love into your soul, let it shine its clear light on your soul and straight into your heart. Now that we understand the necessity of love, we can delve into pacifism. And it is a simple step. Pacifism is simply an extension of the love, the light, in your soul to those around you. To those who have not yet received the gift of love, to those who have not yet opened themselves to that gift, who have closed themselves to the light, shading themselves in hate and fear, your light will envelope them. It will bathe them in its warmth and comfort. It will break through their self-made and self-fashioned shields of bitter, cold fear and warm their souls. It will make them see, like you have seen for so long. To those who have received the gift of love, who have opened themselves, taking in the warmth and beauty of the love of understanding and the love from understanding, your light will gather with theirs, it will coalesce and combine with theirs, forming a brighter light and as more receive the gift, an even brighter light of souls, of free souls loving each other, loving love, and even loving those who would not love them, who remain, as of yet, closed. So this is the gift that is pacifism. The light, the understanding, the love... It can all be yours. In fact, it will all be yours. If you have not yet, open yourself to our light.

Chapter 2: Pacifism in Practice

"Yes," you say, "I understand what pacifism is. I understand what it means. But what I really want to know is what else? I mean, what does it really mean?" You may not know it yet, but what you are referring to is pacifism in practice. This is the subject of our second chapter. What does it mean to me now? What should I do now that I understand pacifism? First! Practice love. Spread the word. Even if you haven't been able to fully escape the bonds of disharmony (for they are woefully strong bonds), even if you are yet to break the chains of hate (for they are chains forged on pain and misery), start to slip those evils by merely spreading the word. Where you are, greet your fellow people, be they beast or being. "Hello!" How much time and energy does that take? None! So first step: practice. The light of love comes only with understanding. The gift of peace is received only with preparation. So pay your dues! It is not hard, and it won't be long until your second step: accepting the gift, and breaking your chains. What are these chains of which I speak? "Oh, I have no chains! I don't know what you're talking about!" you protest. But! But! What is that? What is that you are holding in your hands? I think that might be... Oh, yes! It is! It is a tool of hate. It is a tool, forged by those who wish to draw blood when they should truly wish to share love. And yes, brothers and sisters, it is a chain. Think of your life here. Think of every being whose existence you have shattered. Please, don't worry, I do not intend to accuse you. I only want to show you your chains. Every life you have ended with hate rather than enhancing with love is a link in your chain. It is a key thrown from the lock of hate. But with understanding came the key to all locks. You have that key. Unlock the chains. Put down your tools of hate. Do not strike out against your fellow beings. Become ready for step 3: joining. Once you have completed the first two steps, the last is simple. Join the movement of love. The only movement that does not seek its own destruction, but its propagation! Join with the pacifists, and there are many around you even if they themselves do not know it as of yet, and become a prophet of love and light. Do it today. Start now, your chains are long and your bonds grow tighter. Unlock the chains that bind your soul!

                         .o8P"'  888  `"Y8o.
                       .dP'      888      `Yb.
                      .8P        888        Y8.
                      d8         888         8b
                      88       .d888b.       88
                      Y8    .d888888888b.    8P
                      `8b .d88P' 888 `Y88b. d8'
                       `8bd8"    888    "8bd8'
                         `Ybo,.  888  .,odP'

Be at peace, brothers and sisters! Love one another! Spread the word! Drop your weapons and hug your neighbor! Give peace a chance! Don't be afraid to LOVE!!!!!!!!!

Chapter 3: So Now What?

So you've become a pacifist. So you've made the decision that will set you free. So you've thought about it, prepared yourself, and joined our struggle. And it is a struggle. People, crazy as this may seem, will resist our message. But it isn't really crazy. No, they are just living their weak lives they way that they always have. The way that their ancestors did. They've been taught that what they do is right, but inside they know. And it is that inside feeling that you must reach. You must break through the outer shell. You must love them so much that no amount of pain and suffering that they have endured will keep you from reaching them. You must do this, you must. It is your life, your wish, your sole purpose for being now that you are a pacifist. So now what? That is your question. "Hey," you ask, "I'm a pacifist now, so now what?" Well, first I must stop to congratulate you on opening yourself to the light of love and casting away your chains. Well, next, what you must do is help others who are not so fortunate as you. Go out amongst them and do what all good pacifists do: spread the word. Yes, spread the word of love to the unenlightened and the enlightened alike. For it is sweet music to all of our ears. Be it in voice, in song, in writing, on a sign, in symbol, or in action, spread the word. This is first duty as pacifists. However, it is sadly not enough, in some cases. No, some among us have spent so long in the darkness of the valley of hate that they can no longer even see the great mountains of love that surround them. To these people your signs, your voices, your actions of love will only anger and confuse them, and they will go on perpetrating lives of violence and destruction in place of lives of love and ful- fillment. Well, with these people, you must take a different approach. A more direct approach. Start by convincing them to put aside their tools of hate. Show them that they do not need such mere toys when the power of love is enough to shame any mere creation of steel, leather, wood, or any other man made item. If that does not work and the lost soul continues to pursue a violent life, then you should, no, you must stop him. Gather your forces of love, gather a group of pacifists and stop that poor soul from adding to his or her chains of hate and blood. Be vigilant, be strong, and perhaps most of all be persistent. There will be many out there against your movement, young one, but you must not let them stop you. You are the light, they are the dark. And light will always expose darkness. Darkness can never conceal light, it is the light that must recede. You are the light. Expose the darkness of their souls to them. Open them to the light. That is "What now?"