U N K I L L S
As of February 1997, we have a new policy regarding unkills and
major reimbursements.
     Most of the unkilljunta is made up of archwizards that are
     nice enough to deal with the problems of mortals.  If you
     do not know what that means you might want to try 'help
     You can only request an unkill as a ghost.  If you regenerate
     after getting killed you forfeit your unkill, unless you're Pchan.
     Part 1.   What is an unkill?
     Part 2.   What is a major reimbursement?
     Part 3.   When will unkills/reimbursements be given?
     Part 4.   When will unkills/reimbursements not be given?
     Part 5.   I've read this document carefully, and I still think
               I am eligible for an unkill/reimbursement.
               What do I do now?
     Part 6.   Who is the current Unkill Junta?
Part 1: What is an unkill?
     An unkill can be considered the reverse of a death.  Your stats,
skills, and profs will be returned to what they were before you died.
Part 2: What is a major reimbursement?
     Any other positive change to your stats, skills, or profs is
considered to be a "major reimbursement" and the same policy will apply 
as to unkills.
Part 3: When will unkills/reimbursements be given?
     Players will only be unkilled/reimbursed under the following
-- Bugs
     Self-explanatory.  We will only unkill/reimburse you if we can
find, duplicate, fix the bug and if you have already filled out a bug
report for it.  This has not always been the policy regarding bugs, so
please take note.
-- Dodgy happenings
     If a newbie takes you to -800hp, etc.
-- Wizard Intervention
     Dying due to a malicious wizard.
That's it!  
Part 4: When will unkills/reimbursements not be given?
     Unkills/reimbursements will not be given for anything which
is a regular part of the game or for your own stupidity.  The latter
includes, but is not limited to, attacking wizards accidently, hitting
wrong aliases, and being unfamiliar with guild code and policies.  We also
refuse to unkill for lag (our end or your end) and any problems you have 
with your own account/link.
Part 5: I've read this document carefully, and I still think I'm
        eligible for an unkill/reimbursement.  What do I do now?
  1. Record a log.  If you possibly can record a log of the circumstances
     surrounding your death/mishap, it'll be much easier for us to
     work out what the problem was.  Make sure that the log is as clear
     as possible and has no superfluous information.
  2. Write down any error messages.  If you get an error message and
     don't write it down, there's not much point reading on.
  3. Go to Dr Frankenstein's while still a ghost and look at the terminal.
     It will have directions of what to do from there.  Set out, in
     plain English, what the problem was and why you feel you deserve
     an unkill.  Include your log and/or error message.

     OR.. if you did not die, but wish to request a reimbursement
     for reasons as outlined above, you may mail the Unkill Junta
     with the <mail :unkilljunta> command and outline the circumstances.
     Requests for unkills through mail will be ignored. 
  4. Don't wait too long!  Various logs that wizards can read,
     including the Death log, are only around for a limited time.
     He/She/It who hesitates, is lost.
  5. Unkill requests are processed as speedily as possible.  We all
     have real lives too, you know.  Generally, you can expect a
     reply within 48 hours, though this may be delayed if we are 
     consulting with area/skill coders in regard to your death. Do 
     *not* mail members of the Unkill Junta asking how your unkill
     request is coming, or send us tells to that affect.  When we've
     made a decision, you'll be the first to know.

  6. If your unkill request is rejected, you can read the reason
     for this decision at Dr Frankensteins.  If you strongly feel
     the decision was incorrect, or factors were not considered
     that should have been, you may mail the Unkill Junta about it.
     Use this option wisely.
Part 6: Who is the Unkill Junta?
       Current UnkillJunta: Whitewolf, Ricorn, Crisis
[ This document was written by Tabitha. ]

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