Topic: Armor.

    Armor is used to protect yourself in combat.  Armor greatly increases
the chances of your survival.  Armor will blunt and sometimes even stop
attacks from hurting you.  Good armor is expensive and hard to come by.
The more armor you have, the better off you are.  Armor that covers your
body usually comes in several different pieces.  Different pieces of
armor protect different parts of your body. For example, a helm protects
your head, boots protect your feet, and gloves protect your hands.
You can only wear armor that fits you.  If you don't have a head, you
obviously can't wear a helm.  Use the 'list' command to display a list
of your valid hit locations.  Some armor have special abilities that
they may confer on the wearer.  Armor must be worn for it to protect you.
The following is a list of commands related to the use of armor:

1.  Wear                      Format: wear <item>
--  Attempt to wear a piece of armor, clothing, or jewelry.

2.  Remove                    Format: remove <item>
--  Attempt to remove a piece of armor, clothing, or jewelry.

3.  Equip                     Format: equip
--  Attempt to wear or wield all wearable and wieldable items.

4.  Unequip                   Format: unequip
--  Attempt to remove or unwield all worn and wielded items.

See also: locations, areas, weapons, combat.

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