Topic: Weapons.

    One of the most important types of items you will be searching for,
buying, selling, and using will be your weapon.  Weapons cause more
damage than your fists in combat and each weapon does a different
amount of damage.  You will probably want a good weapon, and will
find better ones as you progress through the game.  If you are a
newbie, you will find that the dagger available in the magic vending
machine is a fairly good weapon.

    If you are proficient with the weapon you are wielding, you will
be a more effective killing machine while in combat.  You may become
more proficient with a certain class of weapon by training at your
guild.  For example, a proficiency level of 10 light sword will
greatly increase your effectiveness with weapons of the light sword
proficiency class.

    Some weapons possess special abilities that become apparrent
during combat.  Other weapons may be cursed, so that you cannot
unwield them until they have been uncursed.

The following is a list of commands used with weapons:

1.  Wield                     Format: wield <item>
--  Attempt to wield a weapon.

2.  Unwield                   Format: unwield <item>
--  Attempt to unwield a weapon.

3.  Equip                     Format: equip
--  Attempt to wear or wield all wearable and wieldable items.

4.  Unequip                   Format: unequip
--  Attempt to remove or unwield all worn and wielded items.

See also: proficiencies, guilds, armor, combat.

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