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the Student of Adon
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the Enchanted Legionnaire

From the Archlector Yyelth, The Eminance:

 It has occurred to me that some of our younger acolytes do not know much about the history of the guild or how we came about. This is very disturbing, for in our history is our future. Without knowing where we have been and what we have done, how can we choose the enlightened paths and proceed down them with confidence? It seems that a few of the Lectors might have to hold history sessions this upcoming winter...

 Our roots began not as priests of Adon, but as the Templar Knights. The Templar Knights were formed by the High Bishop le Bel in 2312.1e under the premise of defending the Holy Sepulchre against any foe. As unbelievable as it may sound, the dustmen did not exist at that time, for the Dark Ones were still mortal. That is another lesson, which should be imparted to you at a later date. Anyways, I drift. The Knights were formed and grew prosperous under the guidance of le Bel until his untimely death in 2320.7e. It is still not known how he was slain in his quarters with guards posted at every entrance. Alas, we will probably never know the truth. The kings that controlled the various provinces respected and promoted the Templars, allowing them indiscriminate policing actions. The Knights were trained as priest/warriors and saw their first major engagement at the Second War of Nacosin, where their presence decided the battle against the barbarian invaders. Soon after began the rebuilding process in which the Knights participated, thus extending the debt that the population owed them.

 The Templars had problems with the general populance as well. In 2415.5e, a small group of Knights were dispatched to the remote village of Kersis on rumours that the town was practially destroyed in a raid by the nearby desert-dwelling town of Errasis-Anon. When the relief party arrived, they could not believe their eyes. Massive amounts of corpses littered the streets and demolished buildings. Upon further inspection of the deceased, it was noted by Sir Jiru that many parts of the bodies seemed to be missing, hewn off by massive blades. Others bore burns that disintegrated bone in some areas, while some of the fragments of corpses indicate a possible internal explosion. The atrocities were amazing, for not only were people affected, but nature itself was beaten into submission by powerful magicks. Large boulders jutted forth from the ground into the streets, buildings seemed partially melted by some form of acidic substance, and giant holes in various areas contained not just a black tar, but the distented bodies of various forms of wildlife. The only building in the town that did not seem to be affected by this was the old tower of Arcanus. The powerful magic school was apparently spared from this massive destruction, yet showed no forms of obvious life. The Knights entered the tower easily, ascending the stairs into the main hall. Upon arrival, they came across the bodies of several mages lying crumpled in various areas in the room. A make-shift barracade lay in pieces around the northern passage, while scorch marks adorned the previously meticulous walls. From that point on, we do not know exactly what happened, for the only survivor from that party was Alrienus, a high-level druid sent along with the party. Apparently, there was an ambush by what appeared to be soldiers, peasants, city officials, and commoners from both Errasis-Anon and Kersis. This rag-tag group flooded the room and began to assault the Knights with huge swords, axes, and maces. A few of the Knights appeared to have fought back with the help of the company's mage until the arrival of a blue-cloaked figure. This figure set up a shield against the magic-user's attacks until the mage tired. From there, it was just a matter of time before the remaining barbarians hacked down our Knights. Alrienus had backed into a corner while fighting, and it was only luck that he happened upon an ancient escape lever in which he pulled. As he ran down the corridors, a voice called from behind him, "The wind is coming." The druid managed to make it back our outpost in Tretis, thus relating the story to Lector Yupij. The Lector soon sent out an expedition numbering 1000 strong to reclaim the tower. When the expedition had arrived, all signs of the assailants had vanished, leaving no clues as to their identity or purpose in attacking the small party. The reconstruction of the Templar barracks and the town was soon underway, thus allowing the incident to slip into history innocuously.

 The final swan-song of the Templar Knights appeared in the Third War of Nacosin. By this time, The Fallen had pushed back the Knights back to the castle holding the Holy Sepulchre, spreading death and fear before them. The Knights were joined by a host of armies from the surrounding nations that had survived the Fallen's onslaught. I will not go into the history of this battle, for that is another story in itself. I will tell you, though, that the Knights were victorious throught the acts of a small band of brave warriors who slew Aravan when he appeared in mortal form. The rest is, as you say, history.

 The downfall of the Templar Knights was not in any army or mythical beast that stalked the earth; it was in themselves. The Templar Knights, after the destruction and banishment of the Fallen had taken into lives of royalty and sin. The local duchys had granted the Knights large estates and local absolutism, thus fueling the demons inside these men:

...Lately, through the report of persons worthy of faith made to us, it has come to our attention that the brothers of the Knights of the Temple are disguising the wolf in sheep's clothing under the habit of the Order. A miserable insult to the religion of our faith, crucifying anew Our Lord who was already crucified for the redemption of the human race, and covering him with insults more severe than those he suffered during his Crucifixion. At their entry to the Brotherhood when they make the profession of their vows, they are presented with his image and, misled by an unfortunate, nay, wretched blindness, they deny him three times and then, with terrible cruelty, spit three times into his face; after which despoiled of the garments they wore in the secular life. Naked, in the presence of him who receives them or his deputy, they are kissed by him, in conformity with the odious ritual of their Order; firstly, at the base of the spinal column, secondly, on the navel and, finally, on the mouth, to the disgrace of human dignity. After they have offended divine law by such abominable undertakings and such detestable acts, they force each other by the vow of their profession and without fear of offending human law, to abandon themselves one to the other, without refusal, as soon as they are required, by the action of the vice of a horrible and fearful intercourse. And this is why the wrath of Adon comes crashing down on these sons of infidelity. This unclean sect has deserted the source of the living water, replaced His glory with the statue of the Fallen One (Aravan) and it now sacrifices to idols.

(Arrest order of the Templars in 2701.9e translated from Tilen by Lector Gyusti).

 The remaining 108 Templar Knights were arrested by the Archlector and put to death by impalement in the public square in front of the Resij Cathedral. Their land was given back to the local duchys and re-distrubuted amongst the elder nobles. All talk of the Knight's deeds and the teaching of history was banned by the church and noble etiquette until the Enlightener's Period of 2889.e-3000.e. The Church had taken a very large setback and was not trusted until the formation of the Crusaders to push back the marauding Relinites and crush their blasphemous ways. I am now not only in charge of making the people believe in us again, but to ensure nothing like what happened to the Templar Knights ever happens to us. May Adon be with you all.

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