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Specialization of the Crusader Guild

Guild wizard: Whitewolf

Guild Titles
      the Altarboy
the Acolyte
the Novice Healer
the Curate
the Divine Patriarch
      the Prophet
the Master Healer
the High Cleric
the High Prophet
the T0tAlLy kIcKeN CLeRiC

Clerics are the epitome of all that is sacred and holy. Dedicating their lives to the research of healing, blessing and protection magics, they are invaluable companions to any who wish to survive for any extended periods of time. Clerics have an unmatched control and domination over all undead and non-corporeal beings. Since clerics are always angelic followers of their gods, and constantly strive towards bettering their world, when choosing weaponry, they can only select from blunt weapons. Any weapon that cuts, pierces, slashes, or draws blood in any way is vile and goes against everthing they believe in. Although Clerics can wear any armor created, they rarely become adept in their fighting skills, and are best left on the defensive, healing those who fall in battle around them.

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