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Specialization of the Crusader Guild

Guild wizard: Whitewolf

Guild Titles
      the Waste of Life
the Page
the Squire
the Gallant
the Keeper
the Knight
the Protector
      the Defender
the Warder
the Guardian
the Chevalier
the Justiciar
the Paladin
the Master Paladin

Paladins are Holy Warriors who, through intense mental and physical training, have dedicated their entire lives to fighting a holy crusade against all evil-doers. All Paladins are competent fighters who, on occasion, dabble in the healing and blessing magics. They pride themselves on their extreme sense of honor and duty toward those of good alignments, especially those within their own guild. Paladins are masters of swords, as these are the only weapons they use. Any other constitutes barbaric weaponry and is highly frowned upon. Above all, Paladins have no fear of death, fight evil valiantly, and protect and honor their own with extreme righteousness.

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