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Spellcaster Guild

Guild wizard: Arkham

Spellcaster Specializations

Guild Titles
      the Apprentice Magician
the Seeker of Power
the Magician
the Spellcaster
      the Mage
the Master of Magic
: Magus Prime

Powerful mages, the Spellcasters have learned many ancient and forbidden secrets. These sorcerers have long been in hiding on the End of the Line; but lo, they have returned bringing wonder and magic back to the most brutal mud around.

Old orders have splintered into new factions. The legendary Warlocks have formed into the Necromancers, a powerful group of Death mages, and Warlock Loyalists, each faction bringing with it new magicks and more powerful sorceries. The elusive Illusionists have sprung from seemingly nowhere, creating wonder and spectacle wherever they tread. Rumors abound of other more mysterious sects of magic, deep in debate as to the wisdom of returning to such a violent world.

With the return of the magical orders, they have, at least for the moment, put aside their hubris to further their research.

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