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Specialization of the Spellcaster Guild

Guild wizard: Arkham

Guild Titles
      the Student of Light and Shadow
the Adept of Visions
the Crafter of Lies
the Builder of Visions
      the Master of Perceptions
the Lord of Illusions
the Master of Reality
the Dreamlord

A change of world-view can change the World Viewed.

Light, Darkness, and the five senses are the tools of the Illusionists. It is true that great power may be had by simply altering what people perceive. Illusionists are the masters of perception. They may alter what you see, hear, feel, taste. They might give you visions of things that are not there and they may remove all senses, leaving you in a state of voided consciousness.

Few can master the arts of the Illusionists. Without the dedication and intelligence to persevere, most eventually fall to easier paths. But those who can overcome the obstacles, the lack of physical power, the few defenses, may make the journey to the rank of Master of Reality.

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