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Cheesefest II

When? July 17-19, 1998
(That's Friday-Sunday)
Where? Lake Geneva, Wisconsin

Here is the Official Cheesefest II page, courtesy of Fugue. Go here if you want to see what went down!

Just a glimpse of what the first Cheesefest was like...

Cheesefest II: Its official [Malice, Tue Dec 16 22:58:59]
Cheesefest II is officially scheduled for July 17-19, 1998 in Lake Geneva again. If you need to fly buy your tickets now to get cheaper rates. Make all yer arrangements ahead of time, etc.

Picnic / Swimming / Volleyball/ more
Maybe even a little drinking
(cambot) (Aftermath) A shadowy figure: tell them i'll be puttin on a show etc

More specific messages will obviously follow in the months to come.

"What were dealing with here is a total lack of respect for the law."

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