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Specialization of the Forester Guild

Guild wizard: Zu

Guild Titles
        the Wanderer
the Gatherer
the Huntsman
the Master Huntsman
      the Wolf Master
the Great Ranger
the Master Ranger

"Now there was a truly unique sight," I thought to myself.

A large man was approaching from across the open plains, clad in a full suit of leather and carrying a large bow made of bone. On his belt, a small sharp dagger hung within easy reach. However, it was not the man that caught my eye, but rather, the enormous beast that plodded on behind him. The wolf had curious markings on its velvety coat, and obeyed the commands of the man who strode before him. As the two walked towards me, I was suprised by the almost domestic nature of the wild beast. I spoke with the man, who came across as a rough yet kind-hearted soul.

The wanderer explained that he was a visitor to these parts, and had been scouring the forests of the country in search of his own kinsmen. He had come a great distance to meet with these Rangers, and heard rumors that they kept to themselves high among the treetops. The Ranger further explained to me that the skills taught by these particular woodsmen were of an almost magical nature.

All the while, as the man spoke of his voyages and people he had met, the wolf sat obediently, pricking his ears up at the sounds of small animals that scurried by. The Ranger noticed my interest in the wondrous beast and smiled a toothy grin.

"The creatures of the woods are our friends," the man explained to me. "We come to depend on them when we are in distress, and in turn, treat them as our friends." Almost on cue, the wolf snatched a piece of raw meat from the Ranger's hand, which he had produced from his leather pack. "As a matter of fact," the forest man continued, "the outdoors are filled with many, many secrets which the average man is unaware of. Take this root, for example." The Ranger rubbed a small plant on my arm, where a large cut had been inflicted upon me by a rogue warrior. Almost immediately, I felt a strange icy sensation within my body, and the surrounding skin around the cut began to foam, then close up. Within the blink of an eye, the wound had healed dramatically. "The skills that the wise old Rangers of the woods teach us define the type of people we are."

We spoke for a short while longer, and my interest in the mysterious Rangers heightened. It was at that moment that I realized my path was clear: I would learn the lessons of nature, and become a disciple of the ways of the woodlands.

"Nature, she is violent, yet gentle. Vicious, yet kind. If there is a single certainty, it is that Nature is fair to her children: Man and Beast."

- excerpt from the Ranger's Compendium

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