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Etc Guild

Guild wizard: Devo

This group of people have mastered a mixed bag of skills that range from expertize in industrial relations through to crochet and the psychic disposal of rubbish. You can see one of their many skills in action below:

> summon machine
You focus your mind on your target.
Your mind centers on the concept of a magic vending machine.
Your mighty mental facilities concentrate themselves.
The Machine is all.
There is a quick rush of disco music, and when you open your eyes, there is a
Magic Vending Machine in the room.
> look at machine
Vending Machine.
Type 'stuff' to see what it's got.
Type 'stuff -s' to see a shortened version.
> stuff
                             Mr. Flintstone's Offerings

  Cost          Items available are:                            Item name
  ----          -----------------------------                   ---------
    10  a backpack to carry stuff in                            backpack
   100  a deck of cards                                         cards
   100  a lottery ticket (by Superfluous)                       lotto
   100  an EC bus pass                                          pass
   100  a little pot of paint to colour your title (by Tabitha) pot
   500  a chextra card so you don't need to carry cash          chextra
   100  a 3 use titler to change your title                     titler
   100  a crazy game of solitaire so you can play with yrself   solitaire
   100  a colorful glowing necklace (by Nathan)                 necklace
   250  a yahtzee score card                                    yahtzee
        a magic token with lots of feeling commands             token
        a Connect Four board                                    c4
        a dagger to kill with                                   dagger
        a doll to play with                                     doll
        a gobang board                                          gobang
        a Guide to EOTL [wristcomp]                             guide
        the letter game                                         letter
        a map of the Eternal City                               map
        a short manual about the code here on EotL              manual
        a minesweeper board                                     minesweeper
        a mastermind game                                       mm
        a pair of contacts to help you see the world better     contacts
        an othello board                                        othello
        a post-it note pad to drop notes to other players       postit
        a purity test taker (by Aleron)                         pt
        a rose to give to someone                               rose
        a reset timer to time monster regens (By Stinger)       rtimer
        a deck of Set cards                                     set
        a stratego board                                        stratego
        a Private Chatting device                               chat
        a BOGLEG                                                bogleg
        Binford Chess [tm]                                      chess
        an Arena Notifier                                       arenan
        a Calculator                                            calculator
        a Word Association Game                                 wag

        To buy something type: buy <item name>
        To check the number of items bought type: count
        For a shortened form of this list type: stuff -s
> buy wag wag falls out of the machine.
Look at it for more info.
Welcome to WAG.
You lamely wave goodbye long after productive time is gone.
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