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Dustmen Guild

Guild wizards: Guido and Whitewolf

Dustmen Specializations

The Order of the Dark Heart
The Fallen
Guild Titles
      the rotted
the filth
      the despoiler
the baneful

So it came to be that the gaze of Aravan fell upon this land. Its brightly lit forests and goodly races stank to him like the smell of refuse, but still, over it all was a sweet aroma, the scent of death. So he came to this land, in the shadowed corners his words were whispered, on the night breezes they traveled, seductively luring all those that hear them towards him. Slowly they came, surrendering to his promises, bowing to his dark majesty. Some committed to his power, bowed down and became his priests; these were the Order of the Dark Heart. The others took up weapons to defend the guild and claim more souls for the glory of Aravan; these were the Fallen.

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