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Specialization of the Fighter Guild

Guild wizard: Arkham

Guild Titles
      gets in the way
the Helper
the Watcher
the Shield
the Guard
      the Bodyguard
the Professional Bodyguard
the Master Bodyguard
is not someone to mess with

All right, girls, here is the drill. We are not here to be heroes. Got that? That's not our job. Our job is to make sure our contract gets his ass out of the fire un-singed. I don't care how much you try to make yourself look cool or shit, but you do your god-damned job. We are here to make money. And we make our money by keeping other people out of hot shit. Whether it is some pansy-ass Caster, or just someone with more important things to think about, don't matter none. What matters is that we get paid, the contract is happily un-scathed, and we have a good business reputation.

Some of you may have these hallucinations about becoming rich and famous; well, I got a wake up call for ya: yer more likely to wake up dead. We tend to step on a few toes in our line of work. But if you are smart and keep your ass and your contract's ass out of the really hot shit, you should live a pretty damn good life.

Oh yeah, the babes aren't bad, either.

-- Sarge is the Master Bodyguard

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