EotL Photos

Some of the Archwizards of EotL
(and Janitors)

"...Don't bug them unless you have a problem that really requires an archwizard's attention, or unless you have some kind of death wish..."

* Death, formerly Choke
* Deathdealer
* Devo a.k.a. Bobalu
* Felzin
* Fugue (formerly Mobius) and Hodge and
Fugue, Apocalypse (mortal), and Hodge
* Gandalf, formerly Olórin, formerly Gandalf
* Hannah
* Hannibal's page
* Itchy
* Locus
* Luger and Exstock, too
* Markus and Bauhaus, plus another one of Markus communing with a vegetable
* Nyg (on the right), formerly Meson
* Peaches
* Reverend, formerly Bigjamie, formerly Minister
* Ricorn (on the right) and
Ricorn (slightly older)
* Zippo by himself and at a party

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