Hannibal's Page 


Hannibal wanted a page of his very own.
And he got it.

Some of the things he received while in Bosnia in early 1999:

  • lots of beef and buffalo jerky from Pokey
  • cheese and sausage from Hodge
  • a letter from a Delta Gamma sorority girl
  • tape of good music, and Chicken in a Biskit crackers from Cambot
  • a t-shirt from a girl in Japan
  • CDs from Miriam

[Hannibal's photo] Hannibal likes it when players say, "Hi!" to him. And he would like to bring up the fact that he types like Luger.
[Hannibal's photo #2] This is a photo of Hannibal in Kuwait in 1996.
[Hannibal's photo #3] This photo of Hannibal was taken in early 1998, when he was giving a class on an M249 Squad Automatic Weapon (SAW), which is a kind of light machine gun (notice weapons parts in his hands, etc.) His facial expression is due to the fact that he didn't want his photo taken at the time.
[Hannibal's photo #5] Hannibal in Bosnia!! This is him and the division's Turkish Army liason officer who worked with him in Bosnia, and who went home "a couple of weeks ago." May 1999.
[Hannibal's photo #6] Hannibal in his operations room. May 1999.

Pictures of Bob, Bob, and Bob. (July 2000)

[Hannibal's photo #7]

Hannibal is 1337. The signs say so. Oct. 2000.


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