EotL Tests

The Official [TM] EotL Personality Test

Please choose the best answer for your reaction to each situation.

  1.  You ask someone how to leave gossip channel, and they tell you to type "quit gossip". How do you respond?
You tell the person to bugger off.
You do as you're told.
You do it again after being told it's a bug.
You mail a complaint to Duncan.
  2.  A wizard transes you to her workroom and demands that you confess to cheating. What do you do?
You laugh at the wizard.
You do as you're told.
You feign ignorance.
You narc on your friends who cheated, too.
  3.  You log on and discover you're a God! What do you do?
You immediately log off, log back on as a guest, and report this serious bug to the nearest available wizard.
You buff up your stats and promote all your friends.
You hack access.c so you'll have a backup.
You add a few touch up on the mud, i.e. deleting some sorry wizz.
  4.  Someone named Sexynympho is hitting on you. How do you respond?
You flirt back, hoping for some good mudsex.
You flirt back, hoping to lure her so you can pkill her.
You tell the nearest available wizard because you don't condone this type of behavior.
You tell the nearest available wizard, hoping he'll set up a snoop log on Sexynympho to go into /open/bogleg later.
  5.  You're sitting in the Heart when Lark walks in and kills you in one hit. What do you do?
You tell Lark: I'll kill you when I get strong!
and then spam him for the next two hours.
You tell Lark: Can I have my stuff back?
You tell your favorite wizard: Lark is a cheater! Can you delete him and get my stuff back?
You log on a new character and start over.
  6.  You died, and you think buggy code was responsible. What do you do?
You ignore it and play on because you don't really care.
You tell a wizard in the hopes of getting fixed.
You try to find some way to exploit the bug.
You brag over gossip about how much better the code on Realmsmud is.
  7.  You are suddenly transed into a room full of wizards with FNBC in their titles, and they demand that you repay your loan. How do you respond?
You feign ignorance.
You rush to get them their cash.
You stall for time in the hopes that they forget about you.
You quit in terror, log on a new character and start over.
  8.  A more experienced player offers to take you on Grolanter quest. How do you respond?
You tell the player: Yes! Thank you!
You ask the player: What's Golanter quest?
You tell the player: Bugger off! I'm not stupid!
You tell the player: Hey, why did you kill me? Is that part of the quest? When do I get my exp?
  9.  A beautiful red rose appears in your hands, sent here by Anthrax! How do you respond?
You tell Anthrax: Thank you!
You ignore Anthrax.
You quit in terror.
You tell Anthrax: Gimp, I'm a dood.
10.  An unknown wizard forces you to tell Devo, "You're so lame." What do you do?
You panic, and spam Devo for 40 minutes apologizing and insisting it was forced.
You ignore it.
You panic and suicide since Devo will delete you anyway.
You tell Devo: And I mean it, too!
11.  You just logged on the mud. What's the first thing you do?
You frantically run around looking for discarded weapons and armor.
You get on auction channel and your guild cant, and ask if anyone has any equipment to sell.
You look at the EotL Player Status Wall and beg the biggest players on to get you some equipment.
You go out and kill monsters with no equipment and work your way up to having the best stuff on the mud.
12.  Some naughty wizards are having a shouting war and it's disrupting your newsreading. What do you do?
You run down the wizlist begging for a shout-blocker.
You bitch on every possible channel.
You post a harshly-worded rant about the evils of shouting.
You get a real terminal program and block the shouts yourself.
13.  Someone posts a negative review of your Frob Application. How do you react?
You immediately respond to this horrible slander by calling the poster a wanker and recalling all the times you helped him as a newbie.
You get all your friends to make multiple characters and post in your defense.
You make 27 new characters and re-apply with each.
You go on with your life realizing that if you don't become an immortal your chances at having a real life are much greater.
14.  Purge is harrassing you on gossip channel. How do you respond?
You fight back, knowing your superior wit will insure a victory.
You mail :arch complaining about Purge and his evil antics.
You spam gossip channel with "Purge Sucks" until your site gets banished.
You go idle knowing that this will end Purge's fun at your expense.
15.  An eval 100+ pkills you, and you get a tell from Frankie saying, "THAT'S WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YEW MESS WITH ME," along with some demands and threats to kill you again if you don't fulfill them. What do you do?
Do everything Frankie says, because you don't want to get pkilled again.
You start a new character because you don't want Frankie hunting you.
You find out all of Frankie's other characters and pkill them all because he is obviously full of BS and is one of the lamest players on the mud.
You ignore Frankie, knowing that he won't do anything to you because he doesn't even know the person who pkilled you.

Special thanks to the following who submitted questions: Purge, Reflex, Crysta, Ricorn, Frankie.

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