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contributed by Skorch

This dish comes from Quebec, though they use cheese curds...

The Recipe

Fries: Get normal cut ones. Not large wedges. Not crinkly or battered fries. Skin is good. You must deep-fry them. Do not bake!

Cheese: Most cheese will do. Get a good cheddar or colby. It has to be orange because those other colours of cheese just won't do. Grate enough to make one good layer that will completely cover all the fries (not too thick though).

Gravy: The gravy should be beef/turkey gravy, and it has to be brown and thick. Moderate chunk is okay. It has to be hot.

Put the cheese on the fries (while the fries are still hot) and just let the heat of the fries melt the cheese. Pour the gravy onto the cheese, usually the same amount you'd put on your roast beef, and let sit until the cheese is adequately melted.

You have to eat it with a fork, unless you like to burn your fingers.

<Gossip> Luger: i love burning my fingers

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