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Fatboy Hotdog

contributed by Zippo

The Recipe

take a fatboy hotdog
cut it almost in half lengthwise
like make a slit i mean
and pack cheese in there (any kind, fattier the better)
wrap raw bacon around the hotdog. use as many strips as necessary to get the hotdog all wrapped up good. never skimp on the bacon!
drop the baconcheesedog into a vat of boiling oil (a deep fryer) till its nice and crispy
remove it, stick it on a sourdough bun, and smother with chili
and more cheese
and bacon bits if desired

The Reviews

Ahab: This is the most disgustingly good recipe I have ever made. I felt my cholesterol go up at least 50 points just from cooking this. My only advice is to use toothpicks to hold the bacon securely on the hot dog while it's cooking (wooden toothpicks, not plastic, duh). I served it with beanless chili, grilled onions, and bacon on top. I grilled the onions in the grease from making the extra bacon. Then put a little more cheddar cheese on top and enjoy. It's disgusting, but you know you want it.

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