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When? Sunday, March 29, 1998
Where? Disneyland, Anaheim, California, USA

This particular gathering was centered around a Black Engineers Convention in Anaheim that Rookie was attending.

Disneyland ticket prices for this day:

  • Regular (12 years+): $38.00
  • Child (3-11): $28.00

Southern California residents could get in for $28.00 until May 15 with a proof of residency (e.g. a drivers license) within the ZIP codes 90000-93599.

People who actually showed up: Chuck, Devo, Hannah, Locus, Mortekai, Nala, Pyra, Rookie, Tracy, and Virus. One non-mudder, Melody, joined the fun.

People who said they might show up, and didn't: Doodlebug, Itchy, Purge, Skullface, and Tyrus.

Where the out-of-towners stayed:

  • I have crash space at my house (about 15 minutes from D-Land), incl. a couple beds and sofas. It's cool with me as long as I know you-- just don't, like, muss up my favorite porno mag or anything. :)
    -- Mortekai

group photo, taken by Rookie

Rookie and Devo

Chuck & Melody

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