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EotL is the only mud where you can play chess (and even bughouse) using a graphical client as an interface. You can get WinBoard and XBoard from some guy's page at Digital, and there's a mac client at the Free Internet Chess Server, and you might be able to get other programs to work, too; just ask Zippo about them.

What is Bughouse?

Bughouse is four-player/two-team chess. You team up with another player who also has a chessboard, and then you find another pair of players teamed up in like fashion. The color you play is random, and your partner gets the opposite color on his/her board, so each team has one black and one white player.

Whenever you capture a piece, it's taken off the board and handed to your partner, who in turn passes to you whatever he/she captures. These captured pieces are your arsenal, and on your turn you can either make a normal chess move or take one piece out of your arsenal and drop it anywhere on the board (with a few exceptions).

Your team wins and both games end when either you or your partner captures a king, or when one of your opponents resign. Or, if one board draws, the other game is halted and neither team wins.

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