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Jimbotomy's visit to TIP pizza:
November 8, 1994

Jimbotomy and his fiancée Sally visited the San Francisco Bay Area, and decided to drop in on TIP Pizza, the Stanford-area gathering spot for EotLers. Sally had a lousy time. But the rest of us had fun!

Photo #1 Purge and Xyzzy
Photo #2: Moonstalker, Felzin, Jimbotomy, Grimrot, and Jester...with Talysie on the bottom
Photo #3: Purge and Hannah
Photo #4: Timeslip and Penelope
Photo #5: Moonstalker, Talysie, Felzin, Jimbotomy fending Moonie off, Timeslip and Penelope hidden behind Jimbo, Jester, Xyzzy, Deamos looking the wrong way, Marius with his eyes closed, and Jezebel choking him
Photo #6: Moonstalker, Talysie, Felzin, Jimbotomy (the big guy), Jester, Xyzzy, Deamos, and Marius being choked by Jezebel
Photo #7: Volley, Aleron, and Facet
Photo #8: Marius (sitting on Jimbotomy's shoulders) and Jezebel

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