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Hoserfest II: December 16, 1995

Once again, the golden horseshoe boys got together and got stinky. The Silver "Corkscrew Cup" was on the line for who was going to imbibe the greatest amounts of alcohol. It was to be a hard-fought affair, with Siddown and Maelstrom vying for the honours.

At approximately 8:10 on Saturday night, Mael, Havock, Blacksilver, Mishap, Amararoth and some guy named Zuchov (i fergit) all poured into my humble basement apt in downtown Toronto. Juanvaldez opted to wank out due to exam anxieties. (;wank juan)

Over a few warm-up wobbly pops, we watched the Tyson-Mathison dive. Mael slammed Corona after Corona, with lemon gin chasers. It was at this point that we all knew the night would be a great success.

About 10 we streamed into the frigid night air and headed for the local pool hall, The Corner Pocket. Mael began wagering on games and promptly took a fiver from me, although I never relinquished it. Mael owes Siddown two pitchers of beer. Havock played his usual spotless pool and looked dapper in his LSU shirt. After many pitchers of Upper Canada Premium Lager, we began accosting the wait staff in earnest. Mael didn't get any dates, and at this point we began taking photographs. Everyone was pretty cheery and we closed the bar down and settled our rather monstrous bar tab. Hooting and hollering we spewed out of the pocket and ran for Farzae, the College street hot dog vender. Blacksilver was on antibiotics and was looking pretty glazed at this juncture. Finally, after many public urinations and faithful renditions of "Lola" by the Kinks, we arrived back at my apt where my lucky roommate was relaxing. Not for long. We posed topless on the snowcovered front lawn. We all agreed this was great fun.

Sid and Mael and a select few began drinking again in earnest, intent upon the Hosefest II grail. We played Euchre and Havock worked his way to level 3 of Dark Forces, using only his fists and 3 thermal grenades. (F**kin' eh?!) Mael finally submitted to Sid's superior liver control and everybody basically passed out wherever. True to form, Maelstrom barfed. This time he reached the bathroom.

The next day was rough. There was a great deal of moaning and gnashing of teeth. Sid was heard to utter "Uhhhh, that's the last time I'm drinking heavy until....
Oh, hell, who am I kidding?" ^

We went to Sneaky Dees and had heaps of chips and gravy and felt even worse. Mael woke up at the crack of noon. My apt smelled like a mixture between a lavatory and a cigarette factory.

Ahh, lervly. What a party. Guys I hope we do it again soon, and I will have the pics to you this week. They are being developed as we speak.

;wok Hoserfest II

;fear Hoserfest III

Corinth, the Minutes Taker.

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  /___/ __  __  _     _______  _       
 //__  / / /_/ // /\ // // //_//         
/___/ /_/ //\ // // \/ // // //   

  • Photo #1: I was doing the discoslap emote on the couch while Havock and Zuchrom looked on.
  • Photo #2: This is Blacksilver and Maelstrom, at the pool hall. Beer was involved. Hmm, it's all so hazy now...
  • Photo #3: Siddown was explaining something very important to Maelstrom while Mishap watched in awe. I think it was something lame like "navigating the information highway."
  • Photo #4: This is a group shot of an A. A. meeting. This is all we do in Canada. Go to A. A. meetings and drink like fish.
  • Photo #5: This is the "therapy" session in our "A. A." meetings. I cannot go into detail, but usually it involves a great deal of JELLO.
  • Photo #6: Look at Mael's eyes closely here. He was actually ahead of Siddown in the drinking contest at this point. Boggle.
  • Photo #7: This is me shooting pool. If I had missed the shot, Havock would have brained me. I take no responsibilty whatsoever for whatever Mishap is doing with his right hand...
  • Photo #8: Near the end of the night, after the bars. Braving the frigid, Canadian winter we all posed topless on the front lawn in some kind of machismo, bonding thing. Blacksilver looks particularly buff.

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