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DoodleStock II

DoodleStock is the annual EotL summer bash thrown by Doodlebug. DoodleStock II was held on July 15, 1995 in Los Altos, California, to coincide with the nuptials of Doodlebug and Malifax on the following day.

No photos exist of the first DoodleStock (July 1994) because nobody brought a camera! Doodlestock II proved to be a much larger affair than the original. EotLers arrived from Oregon, Minnesota, New Jersey, and at least two people came from as far away as Australia!

[PHOTO] 69K JPEG image
July 13, 1995: Shoreline Park, Mountain View
L-R: Nardo, Camaro/Forgetmenot, Jezebel, Locus, Xyzzy, Mortekai, Maera, and Rookie

[PHOTO] 42K JPEG image
July 14, 1995: San Francisco
Rookie and Purge in front of the Golden Gate Bridge

[PHOTO] 41K JPEG image
July 15, 1995: DoodleStock II - clockwise from left: Locus, Kenja, Maybe/Puffs, Retribution, Nala, Maera, and Stock

[PHOTO] 142K JPEG image
July 15, 1995: DoodleStock II group photo
photo caption

July 16, 1995: The wedding of Doodlebug and Malifax

[PHOTO] 57K JPEG image

[PHOTO] 49K JPEG image

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