Trivia is being conducted on PrivChat channel BRAP!. Buy a
"chat" from a vending machine and ask somebody to be invited.

Games are conducted in rounds of six questions. Before the round
begins, players on BRAP! will be asked to TELL the person conducting
trivia if they're in for the round. NOTE: please wait for this
prompt to say you're in.

After the READY prompt, nobody is added for that round and you'll need
to wait for the next round to participate.

When a question comes up (it will be in all caps), TELL the person
conducting trivia your answer (make sure to tell the right person!).
There is a time limit of 40 seconds and you may tell only ONE answer.
You may immediately correct your answer if it was an apparent typo.

Players who say an answer on channel (remember, it's not always
obvious you're joking) will be kicked off channel and removed for
that round. You'll be reinvited after the round is over.
You will not get credit for any correct answers up to that point.
If your fingers get snapped on channel, it means you had the right
answer but answered after the time limit.

Because the game was originally intended to be played orally, your
spelling doesn't have to be exact, but must be phonetically correct
(i.e., it at least has to be spelled the way it sounds). In the case of
answers that refer to a specific person or character a last name only is
acceptable unless there are obvious other possibilities with that last
name (e.g., a Kennedy). A title needs to be complete, even if it's a
character name. Please don't slow the game down by arguing as every effort
is made to be fair.

When all six questions have been asked, final scores will be announced.
Keep track of your correct answers over the course of the round and let
the person conducting trivia know RIGHT AWAY if you believe there's
been an error. You may want to tell them in caps so they see your tell
as it gets confusing when there are a lot of players.

There are awards in the form of experience based on the number of people
playing and how many people get a question right. Because of the way
this is calculated, it is NOT to your advantage to share answers with
other players or to have multiple characters playing. And, it isn't
fair to other don't do it!

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