Topic: Syntax.

Items, monsters, and all other LPmud objects in the game can be accessed
by name or name part most of the time.  For example, if you were in a
room and wanted to pick up an item named "axe" in that room, you would

    > get axe

However, we need to become more specific when there are several items
of the same name or name part in a room.  If there are two "axes" in
one room, and one is a "blue axe" and the other is a "rusty axe,"
because simply typing 'get axe' will instruct the game to pick up
the first axe, or the axe that was last dropped in the room.  If you
wish to pick the "blue axe" up, we suggest trying to type either of
the following:

    > get blue axe
    > get blue

If those commands fail to pick up the "blue axe," or if you are in a
room with several identically named objects, the extended syntax in
the format: '<item name|item name part> <item number>' can be used to
access that item.  An example would be in a room with 3 "axes" inside
of it, all with the same name and name parts.  If you wanted to pick
up the second axe, you would type:

    > get axe 2

If you wanted to pick up the third axe, you would type:

    > get axe 3

Thus, going back to our original problem, the "blue" and the "rusty" axe,
if the "blue axe" were the second axe in the room, you could type:

    > get axe 2

Or, if it were the first axe in the room, you could simply type:

    > get axe

Have fun, and happy mudding on EOTL!

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