Topic: Spellcaster Guild

   Ever wondered if there was more to life than what you can see and hear,
more than what you can touch? Have you considered that there might be other,
arcane forces at work ... or that, with a little effort, you could be the one
manipulating those forces?

   If so, then the Spellcaster Guild may be for you. Pop in and see us; we're
located just south of Eternal City.

There are 4 specializations in the Spellcaster Guild:


   Deception of the senses; mind games; trickery on levels a mere thief or
bard never imagined.  Illusionists are the masters of the mind, creating
visions, misperceptions, and other assorted mental pranks.  They are the
tricksters of the Spellcaster Guild, but make no mistake ... they are most
definitely to be taken seriously.

   Illusionists make their home within the castle of King Khananar.  Seek
them there, if you are able.


   What happens to us when we die? Does our soul really flee the body, or do
we have a soul at all? Is death nothing more than the cessation of our
electrical system? If it is restarted, could we come back to life?

   Necromancers seek out the answers to questions such as these. The skills
that they learn in their quest for knowledge are formidable indeed.
It is perhaps because of their chosen subject matter that they hide away,
deep below Eternal City. But then, what environment would be more suitable
than underground?


   Not precisely magic, yet beyond ordinary ability, the casting of runes is
an arcane study often overlooked by the bloodthirsty adventurer. The subtle
practice of enscribing runes to acheive supernatural effects is an asset to
any adventuring party. Imagine being able to enhance someone's natural
fighting prowess. Or imbuing their weapons with loyalty, or increasing their
spell resistance. Imagine the power to lower an enemy's defenses, to encumber
their weapon, to decay their armor. And this is only a beginning to what you
can learn from the trainers and toolmasters of the Brotherhood.

   This somewhat obscure sect of the Spellcasters' Guild operates at its
magical forge in the Wizard's Keep in Aydindril. Seek out its white-hot
flames, if you are clever enough.


   The art of destruction is perhaps the most famous use of the arcane arts.
Warlocks are the wielders of this power; able to rain missiles on their
enemies, or send balls of magical flame roiling through a room, they are the
channelers of magic as a weapon.

   Warlocks can be found in the appropriately named city of Chaos.

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