Topic: Saving Items.

-- Lockers:
     Players may save and retrieve their items at any locker throughout
the mud.  Lockers are generally located in inns, hotels and the like.
Storage is not free, however, and the price of keeping an item increases
vs. time at a linear rate until, at 15 days, the player must pay the full
value of the item to retrieve it.

     Locker thieves are known to exist.

-- Banks:
     Money may be deposited and withdrawn from any bank throughout the mud.
In the interest of keeping money flowing through the economy, an 
account-keeping fee is removed from each account each mud month.  This fee,
which may go up or down at any time without notice, is expressed as a 
percentage of your current balance.  Each mud month takes approximately 
twelve RL days to complete.

See also: quit

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