Topic: Player Killing.

On the End of the Line, player killing is not just allowed, it is encouraged.
Why you choose to kill someone is not our buisness, and if some immature
wizard without control of their hormones gets on your case about pkilling
their hopeful mudsex partner, please don't hesitate to complain gratuitously.

Before you make the decision to pkill someone, please be aware of the
following things:

    = Killing a player will not reward you with any experience points, but
      the general feeling in the EOTL wizard community is that it should.

    = Killing players in excess will be noted by wizards, and it will weigh
      heavily in your favor on frob applications if you have been personally
      responsible for the death (preferably repeat) of several hundred players.

    = There do exist certain areas on the mud (generally constructed by
      well meaning wizards who sympathize with newbies because they were
      never powerful themselves) that _CLAIM_ to be pkill-free.  If you
      are the kind of person who doesn't enjoy repeated death and gaining
      power through illicit means, we first recommend that you play a DIKU
      mud, and secondly, if you insist on playing here, make sure that you
      stay in these areas (although we in NO WAY guarantee your safety there.)

    = If you are one of our prefered players who pkills, remember that there
      are often ways to sidestep pkill regulations and to abuse them whenever
      and wherever possible.  We will back you up on these decisions.

See also: death

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