Topic: Padawan Guild

   A new Acadamy for the Gifted has opened its doors, dedicated to training
those students who are sensitive to the Force.  Members will learn elementary
combat techniques and lightsaber construction.  Graduates of the Force Academy
may eventually be accepted into the Jedi or Sith specializations.

There are 2 specializations in the Padawan Guild:


   Dedicated to peace and harmony, the Jedi's skills are defensive in nature.
A Master Jedi will be able to see the invisible, evaluate the strengths and
weaknesses of an opponent, and safely travel through harsh environments.  The
blinding speed of a Jedi's lightsaber protects against a wide range of attacks.


   The strength of a Sith flows from anger and aggression.  Fueled by hate, a
Sith can choke an enemy, hurl lightning bolts, and cause a normally passive
creature to become aggressive.  Filled with the Dark Side, the Sith's
lightsaber blows are fearsome to behold.

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