Topic: Pacifist Guild

   Pacifism.  What is it?  Websters describes it as: opposition to war or
violence as a means of settling disputes.  But is that all there is to
pacifism?  Does that really say it all?  Well, sort of.  But not really.
There is actually much, much more.  And I'm happy to have the opportunity to
share some of it with you.  Firstly, to understand pacifism, one must first
understand love.  So what is love, you ask?  Well, love is understanding.
It is accepting one another for ourselves.  But it is more than just that,
my friend.  It is a feeling of closeness, of oneness, you might say, with
someone else, or better yet, with EVERYONE else!  Because, yes, love CAN
be universal!  Love CAN unite us!  Love CAN be the answer!  BUT!  (And this
is a big but...) BUT _YOU_ have to LET it be the answer.  For so many people,
love is a crutch.  Love is a tool to an end, a way to reach a goal, a rest
stop on the highway of their lives.  Now, these people have not embraced
love.  And as such, they cannot feel what a pacifist can feel.  They cannot
feel what someone who truly understands love, who truly understands what it
means to _understand_, who truly knows LOVE.  So that is first.  Understanding
love.  Let it in.  Let love into your soul, let it shine its clear light on
your soul and straight into your heart.  Now that we understand the necessity
of love, we can delve into pacifism.  And it is a simple step.  Pacifism is
simply an extension of the love, the light, in your soul to those around you.
To those who have not yet received the gift of love, to those who have not
yet opened themselves to that gift, who have closed themselves to the light,
shading themselves in hate and fear, your light will envelope them.  It will
bathe them in its warmth and comfort.  It will break through their self-made
and self-fashioned shields of bitter, cold fear and warm their souls.  It will
make them see, like you have seen for so long.  To those who HAVE received
the gift of love, who HAVE opened themselves, taking in the warmth and beauty
of the love of understanding and the love from understanding, your light will
gather with theirs, it will coalesce and combine with theirs, forming a
brighter light and as more receive the gift, an even brighter light of souls,
of free souls loving each other, loving love, and even loving those who would
not love them, who remain, as of yet, closed.  So this is the gift that is
pacifism.  The light, the understanding, the love...  It CAN all be yours.  In
fact, it WILL all be yours.  If you have not yet, open yourself to our light.

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