Goblin race

Goblins are small, irritating, rather unintelligent beings.  Known primarily
for their horrible craftsmanship and willingness to live in the nastiest
locations, Goblins should also be noted for their nearly boundless cruelty.
Goblins rarely posess the wherewithal to strike off on their own and
adventure, but the odd individual is not unheard of.  Goblins stand around 4
feet tall, with longish, spindly limbs and large heads.  Wide, perpetually
grinning mouths house rows of needle-sharp teeth.  Their skin is mostly a
pea-soup vomit greenish color, often mottled, while their eyes are small and
yellow.  Large ears extend from either side of their heads, and it is with
these ears that goblins portray most of their body language, which pretty
much consists of varying states of fear and cruelty.

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