Topic: Ghosts.

    A ghost is someone who is dead.  Ghosts wander around on the
astral plane of existence and thus are intangible.  Ghosts cannot
tell, shout, or use feelings (emotes/atmospheres).  Since they
are immaterial, they cannot affect the material world (i.e. pick
up stuff).  All they can do is wander around and say inane little
things like:  "Boo!".  A ghost must go to a place of resurrection
to become physical again.  You may regenerate at Dr. Frankenstein's
Lab in the Eternal City.  It is located in a shady dwelling east
off of Tanelorn Road.  Regeneration is quite a traumatic experience.
It tends to leave the player physically less capable than before
his death.  You typically lose experience and 5% of your
statistics.  Don't Die.

See also: death, hitpoints, experience, stats.

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