Topic: Forester Guild

   Foresters, often mistaken for tree-hugging granola-eating hippies, are a
people filled with wanderlust, intuition, and an uncanny awareness of the
world around them.  While some foresters have been moved to unspeakable
levels of emotional display by the beauty of nature, tree-hugging is not a

There are 2 specializations in the Forester Guild:


   The Druidic Order is an ancient and now obscured order devoted to nature,
especially the forest and its denizens.  They have a strict hierarchy, from
the sole Grand Druid down to the members of the Druid rank.  Together they
work to preserve nature, and the natural balance of things.  Poised between
good and evil, they draw their power from the saplings they plant, and when
they are strong enough, can use it to control nature itself to do their


   Rangers are the lone warriors of the forest. They are able to use the
wealth of knowledge that the forest contains to hone their skills as warriors.
Some have even been known to befriend the forest creatures and keep them as
traveling companions.

   A Ranger can live off the land, able to use most weapons and armor depending
on what is available to him. He is, of course, most at home in the forest,
but the skills he learns there can be easily applied worldwide.

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