Fighters are the most basic of all guilds, embodying the "hack 'n slash"
method of playing.  They possess no magical powers whatsoever.  In that 
respect, they are considered the most easy guild to play, and often it is
suggested for new and learning players to try to be a Fighter first.  They
have three specializations, Berserker, Bodyguard, and Swordsman, all of which
focus on a particular method of fighting.  It is unlikely that one will have
the skills necessary to be an accomplished fighter without specializing.  The
Fighters Guild is located two east, two south, east, north, two down from the
Heart of Eternal City.

There are 3 specializations in the Fighter Guild:


   They are a rude type of fighter, impulsive and stubborn.  The berserker
drinks most of the time, showing no signs of good manners, and in fact, the
only manners shown are belching and burping.  They like to feel freedom of
movement and therefore reject any type of heavy protection.  Once engaged into
a fight, they will often lose control entering a rage state that blinds their
already drunk mind, such that they will never give up any fight, even in the
most adverse situations.  They are infamous for their rage, it seems to grant
them power that no other fighter can match.  They will swing their heavy
weapons, chopping off anything at range.


   Bodyguards are the sworn protectors of the weak and feeble (for the right
price).  Applicants must understand that relationships with the undesirable
of the world (killers, assassins) lead to a conflict of interests and thus
will not be tolerated.  No Exceptions.  As well, reputation means everything
when soliciting new clients.  Anything that will soil our good name will 
result in your termination.
   Applicants must have at least 25 str, 50 con, and 50 dex.


   The swordsmen pride themselves upon being flashy and charismatic as well
as skilled with their weapons.  When asked about their style and grace, they
often reply, "How can someone properly attack you if they are stunned by your
beauty?"  Nevertheless, they master the sword (as well as other weapons), to
the extent that they can use two weapons, and in the style of sword-fighting,
have mastered the techniques such as parry and riposte.  To maintain their
grace and skill, they maintain their speed, focusing above all else upon 
being faster than their opponents.

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