The evil souls that follow the call of Aravan do not join a guild; they
become one with the evil spirit of the world.  Like people, evil exists in
myriad shapes and forms, such evil can easily range from strictly ordered to
wildly chaotic.  Any and all collections of evil are welcomed by and drawn
to Aravan, who leads his minions in a war against any good in the world.  
The Dustmen serve to incite evil on a minor level, hopefully progressing 
toward a position as a member of The Dark One's elite ranks, either battling
physically for evil as a Fallen soldier, or spiritually as a member of the
illustrious Order of the Dark Heart.  Prior to this ascension, they study
the ways of evil and collect the hearts of their defeated foes for Aravan'
pleasure.  All Dustmen are foes of the god Adon and his Crusaders, the
followers of good and the embodiment of all that Aravan hates.

There are 2 specializations in the Dustman Guild:


   With their souls drowning in a draped darkness, the Fallen serve Aravan
with their weapons by seeking out good in the world and destroying it.
Because they are Aravan's soldiers, he has imbued their weapons with his evil
power, such that they are essentially powerless without the weapons instilled
with evil by one of the dark priests.  Using their evilly-tainted weapons,
they weaken and eliminate good souls to make themselves and Aravan more
powerful.  The greatest aspiration of a Fallen is to destroy the misguided
Crusaders, who attempt to reverse the evil work being done.

Order of the Dark Heart

   The Dark Hearts commune with evil in order to control it and spread it in
all minds and souls.  As Aravan's priests, they have been given the ability
to awaken evil in any aspect through the use of evil sorcery.  The sole 
purpose of their powers is to make the good suffer and to make the evil
stronger, and there have been sightings of them commanding the undead as
well as briefly bringing the dead back to life.  Above all else, they must
protect the Dark Heart of Aravan, the physical vicar of Aravan, from which
their evil powers flow.

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