Topic: Death.
     When your hitpoints go below the negative value of your constitution
stat, you die.  This results in you leaving your body and becoming a ghost.
Ghosts do not have access to all of the commands that the living do, and
they cannot carry items, be attacked, be followed by anyone, or join a

     By attending Dr. Frankenstein's Lab in Eternal City, you can be reunited
with your body.  When you regenerate you will have lost 5% of your stats and
skills, though they will never drop below the base level for your race.  Other 
players may possess skills to assist your regeneration, and these skills may
allow you to lose less than the full 5% of stats and skills caused by your
death.  Also, pigs may fly, and hell may freeze over.

     No matter what method you use to regenerate, you will lose any experience
points you were carrying at the time of your death.

     When you die, the total amount of experience you lost as a result of
your death will be displayed in the score command.  Players who are large
will gain a bonus to regaining their experience.  This bonus will also be
displayed in the score command.

See also: ghosts, hitpoints, stats, skills, experience.

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