Topic: Crusader Guild

   The Crusaders are the followers of Adon.  Through their worship of and 
devotion to Him and His teachings they are granted skills and spells.  They
work to fight evil wherever it is found in the world.  They are mortal enemies
of the Dustmen and their dark god, Aravan.  They are also sworn enemies of the
Red Disciples and their god, Ivr Kamba.

There are 2 specializations in the Crusader Guild:


   Clerics are the healers of Adon.  They almost exclusively cast blessing, 
healing, and protective magics.  They spread the word through good acts, 
helping those in need, and healing their breathren on the battlefield.  But
their fighting skills are not to be underestimated, and they are unequalled
when it comes to detroying the abominations that are the undead.


   Paladins are the fighters of Adon.  They are the sword that compliments the
Cleric's shield.  They seek out evil and destroy it in whatever form it takes.
From their piercing war cry to the ability to inspire others to battle harder,
Paladins are there fighting the good fight.

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