The following are the archwizards on EOTL.  These wizards are responsible for
fixing problems in the fundamental workings of the mud, both in code and
administration.  They handle promotions and demotions, production of core
code, and final approval on all mud-related developments of consequence. 
Note that these are only the official duties of an archwizard.  In practice,
these wizards are effectively laws unto themselves.  Don't bug them unless
you have a problem that really requires an archwizard's attention, or unless
you have some kind of death wish.  About the only times you'll want to
contact one of these folks are if a wizard is helping a player cheat,
tormenting you completely without provocation, or if you need your password

Arachnid       Babysatan      Guido          Luger
Arphen         Devo           Hannibal                      

Total: 7

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