Frob Application Requirements and Information
January 28, 1996
  o  You must be at least six days old to apply.  This is to make sure
     you have spent enough time here to become familiar with EOTL.
  o  You cannot have submitted an application within the past 30 days.
     You are allowed to apply only once every 30 days.
  o  Your application will be posted on the Frob Applications Page so
     that it can be reviewed.
  o  Everyone is able to read the Frob Application Page and is allowed
     to make and post their review of your application on the Frob
     Application Review Page.
  o  There is presently no standard or procedure to determine if you
     should be accepted.
  o  You should format your answers to the questions to fit within 72
     columns.  The way you format your answers often has a significant
     impact upon the reviews you will get.  Consider using a program
     that will allow you to paste your answers to the mud.  It makes
     it much easier to format.
  o  Do not comment on your own application.  Some IC hate this and
     will do bad things to you.
  o  Read the questions in advance and consider your answers carefully.

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