I don't kill.  I don't unkill.  I don't patch.  I don't fix stats,
skills, or profs.  I don't give IC permission for any of these.
I don't care who cheats.  I don't care if you die.  Mortals die,
that is why they are mortal.  I don't care if you like it here.
You are under no obligation to be here.  I hate people who post logs.
I detest people who can't post a log without double-spacing it.
I won't tell you where things are, how tough things are, or what
things do.  You have a help command.  In general, I don't want to
hear from you.
I hate wizards who can't code.  If you are a wizard who can't code,
ask me, I'll make you a frob.  I don't mind helping frobs learn to code.  
I don't mind answering wizzes who ask intelligent questions.  I don't
review areas.  I don't mess with guilds.
I don't like wizards who think like mortals.  If you care who dies, 
who is what eval, or who is using what sword, go be a mortal.
Have a nice day.

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